Monday, December 30, 2013

Top 10 “The Right Thing” posts of 2013

Here are the top 10 “The Right Thing” posts of 2013, starting with the most viewed post of the year. Each is linked to the original article, but a short reminder of the post’s topic appears here.
  1. I sure can't help you (March 24) – About the challenges with her wireless phone provider’s customer service after my wife’s iPhone is stolen.
  2. Did you read my email? (August 4) – From the reader who believes it unethical for recipients of his regular and many emails not to acknowledge receipt.
  3. You look, you pay (July 28) – A store in Brisbane, Australia, charges $5 for the privilege of browsing.
  4. Finders not always keepers (June 16) – What’s the right thing to do when you find someone else’s cash?
  5. Day-old food takes on a new life (March 10) – Businesses that make a business of selling older foodstuffs at lower prices.
  6. Return to sender, please, return to sender already (March 17) – Just how long does it take the post office to acknowledge the former resident of your house no longer lives there?
  7. Like pulling teeth to settle a bill (May 26) – What’s a reasonable about of time for a medical bill to be firmly established?
  8. The homeless at the door (Mary 12) – A retailer has conflicted views about the homeless man who sits outside her retail establishment.
  9. The return of the power saw (September 1) – Was I right to return a power saw I had purchased and used after I had mostly finished the job I needed it for and it stopped working?
  10. Am I my neighbor's tax keeper?  (January 20) – Should you turn in a neighbor you suspect is cheating on his taxes? 
Jeffrey L. Seglin, author of  The Right Thing: Conscience, Profit and Personal Responsibility in Today's Business and The Good, the Bad, and Your Business: Choosing Right When Ethical Dilemmas Pull You Apartis a lecturer in public policy and director of the communications program at Harvard's Kennedy School.

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