Sunday, August 27, 2006


The majority of readers who responded to the question of whether Ohio State University should rename The Roger D. Blackwell Inn because its former marketing-professor namesake has been convicted of insider trading and other financial crimes ( agreed with Ruth Wagner of Madison, Wisc., who writes, "Mr. Blackwell's name should definitely be taken off the building."

"OSU was fully aware of his blind ambition and actually contributed to it," writes Ken Dodson of Columbus, Ohio. "They should now have the guts to do the right thing."

Bill Kotys, also of Columbus, believes that once Blackwell's appeals are complete, OSU should return the money and rename the inn: "[It's] representing the university in a very bad light, ... [and] it only would serve as a negative reminder to everyone that it's 'about the money' and not about integrity."

"If his conviction is ultimately upheld, keeping his name on the building would be a public embarrassment and would teach students and others a lesson that is better left untaught," writes Lawrence Herman of Columbus.

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Anonymous said...

If we search the life of most people, you would probably find huge blemishes. Why do we feel that there are these perfect lives out here. We just don't know about them, because they have been hushed. A lot of buildings would get new names! Think about it!