Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Fewer Women in the Boardroom

Judy Dobryzynski has an op-ed piece in today's Boston Globe (Women in the boardroom) that gives a Boston spin on the Catalyst study that shows that the number of women in top positions in Fortune 500 companies has shrunk since the last census was taken as has the number of companies that have one woman on their corporate board.

Dobrzynski wrote similar pieces with local angles for the Los Angeles Times (Return of the 'glass ceiling') and the Chicago Tribune (Female CEOs still rare sight).

Her commentary is based on recent census data mined by Catalyst. A report on that data can be found at Catalyst Releases 2006 Census of Women in Fortune 500 Corporate Officer and Board Positions.

I first reported on her pieces in the blog and included a related Right Thing column I'd written in March 2002 at The Right Thing: How to Get a Company's Attention on Women's Pay.

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