Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Business Preparation for Pandemic Summit

The latest speakers for Business Preparation for Pandemic, the executive summit to be held at the Harvard Medical Conference Center on May 14 - 16, can be found at Latest Speakers at Business Preparedness for Pandemic.

The summit is a collaborative program of the Harvard School of Public Health and Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government.
  • Day One will examine the potential economic impact, the function of top teams in crisis, and provide a best practice overview including legal and ethical issues
  • Day Two will delve into workforce issues, open our scenario-based sessions and provide historical connections to the 1918 pandemic
  • Day Three will continue the scenario work, explore "predictable surprises" as well as supply chain and reputation challenges

I will be speaking on a panel called "Executive Preparedness: Best Practices Briefing." It is described by the conference organizers: "While no companies plans for pandemic have been put to the test, best practice companies have created extensive simulations to battle test their plans. Lessons have also been learned from the SARS outbreak in 2003 and other recent events. What are the critical questions your teams must be able to answer now? What are common gaps and shortfalls in response plans? How widely should you share your pandemic plans?" Speakers on this panel include: Paul Hemp, Senior Editor, Harvard Business Review (moderator); Jeff Seglin, Associate Professor, Emerson College, and Syndicated Ethics Columnist, New York Times Syndicate; Richard H. Wilkins, General Manager, Health and Human Services, Chevron Corporation; Scott Rosenstein, Health Analyst, Eurasia Group; and Steven D. Gravely, Practice Group Leader, Health Care Practice, Troutman Sanders LLP.

You can find more detailed information at Business Preparation for Pandemic.

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