Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Judith Dobrzynski has another commentary related to the one she wrote for the Los Angeles Times (Return of the 'glass ceiling') on March 17th that I mentioned in the blog last Friday (How to Get a Company's Attention on Women's Pay).

Her current piece, Female CEOs still rare sight, is in today's Chicago Tribune and it emphasizes the glaring point that the number of females CEOs in Fortune 500 companies not only trails that of male CEOs, it is losing ground. This commentary focuses on Chicago-area companies.

Dobrzynski grounds her commentary on recent census data mined by Catalyst. A report on that data can be found at Catalyst Releases 2006 Census of Women in Fortune 500 Corporate Officer and Board Positions.

Both the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune require you to register to view their articles, but the registration is free.

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